When It's Raining...

A list of things to do on rainy days.

by Marina Campos

1. Watch Rain Drops

This is probably the most brilliant yet the most underestimated thing to do when it rains. Enjoying rain is all about accepting rain and enjoying it's beauty. It might give you a melancholic feel but once you learn to observe it, you learn to like it and ultimately absolutely love it!


So where to start.. start with your windows! Watch the drops sliding down the window.. washing it. Beautifully dancing. Take a comfortable chair, learn against the window.. do whatever it takes to get in tune with the rain drops. This could be one of the most inspirational moments you've had for a long time!

2. Go to The Desert

No, as usual I am not kidding. I did that plenty of times. If you live in europe Morocco is not very far.. there are Ryanair flights. Living there can be very cheap as well.


What I did last winter, was that on a rainy day I just took a flight to Morocco. From there I took a bus to the most extreme southern part of the country. There you have no tourists, not much people even. Mostly there is desert and you. Also you can be sure that 1) there is no rain 2) it's very calm and relaxing. Pick a spot that's close to the sea so it's not too calm!

3. Watch Theatre

I don't know exactly why.. but somehow theatre and rain fits together perfectly. Especially when it comes to Opera you can really get into the mood of the performance, simply by knowing that the weather outside is terrible.


My favourite form of Opera is the one in Beijing. Known as "Peking Opera", this beautiful display of emotions and action.. just heats me up and makes me forget about the cold. Also you get to even laugh sometimes so as a package, it's just perfect!!

4. Take a Flight

This is one of the most probably underrated, yet brilliant techniques to avoid the rain. Walk to the airport, and catch the cheapest flight that goes to a country that doesn't require a visa. I've done it often, and if you can't.. then you might as well change your job!


Seriously there is a market of discounted tickets that's looking for those rainy day customers. Especially in times when you want a change in life, that depressive energy can help to bring about some wonderful changes in your life.


Take a flight!

5. Watch a Kung Fu Show

I love shows.. especially inside a comfortable, warm theatre with soft seats and a moody atmosphere. For a rainy day for ever, if there is kind of show that I would recommend. It's a fantastic kung fu show that will warm you up for sure!


Why? Well.. you might have guessed already, but watching men jump, fight, do stunts and any kind of fast action in general makes you really warmed up. So if you are feeling gloomy because of the rain this is not for you. But however, if you feel like you want to kick some ass and get out of the rainy depression.. this just might do the trick.


The kung fu show I mentioned is located in Beijing, but you might find from your local neighbourhood as well! Just look for it.

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